Yoga for businesses
that care about the planet

Welcome! My name is Lucy Newport and I teach yoga and breathwork to London based eco-conscious and vegan businesses, helping employees to become healthier, happier and more productive, whilst giving back to the planet.

All classes are created specially for your employees’ needs and I work in as sustainable and environmentally friendly way as possible.

I am highly knowledgeable about a wide range of sustainable working practices, and it’s my mission to show businesses how they can benefit from working in a greener way that also helps wildlife and the environment.

I also plant 3 trees for every Living Green Office Yoga class and donate 5% of all profits to animal and environmental charities.

Make a difference for your business and the planet with green yoga

Doing yoga in an environmentally friendly way helps the planet by reducing waste and giving back in ways that support it. People feel good when they’re doing good, which boosts team morale and inspires further changes that can lead to significant benefits to businesses.

  • 3 trees are planted for every class I teach, each offsetting 1 ton of carbon whilst supporting some of the planets poorest communities. I provide a monthly certificate to each business, showing the positive environmental impact their classes are having
  • My trade discount will save you money on eco-friendly yoga mats. These are recyclable, biodegradable and free from toxins, making them much better for the environment than standard mats
  • Conventional cleaners contain harmful chemicals, so I make my own environmentally friendly yoga mat cleaner. I offer a mat cleaning service to keep them hygenic and a clean place your employees will want to practice yoga and relax on
  • To reduce my carbon footprint, I travel by public transport or cycle to teach each office yoga class
  • Find out more about Living Green Office Yoga charity donations here

I also help businesses and the environment in these ways:

  • Create articles and guides to help businesses reduce costs, be more attractive to employees and reduce their impact on the planet
  • Am powered by Bulb, whose electricity comes from renewable sources
  • Use Ecosia as my search engine, who give 80% of their profits to conservation organisations with a focus on tree-planting

“It is our collective and individual responsibility to preserve and tend to the environment in which we all live.”
Dalai Lama

My guarantee: a full refund if you don’t love your first class – no questions asked

Our sessions with Lucy have been a pleasure. She is such a positive and calming person to be around and helped to make all the yoga novices in our group feel comfortable. It was such a great way to start a Tuesday morning and we’d leave each session feeling positive, energised and focused- and very loose in our bodies! It was really convenient being able to do the sessions in our own space and it was a laugh too. ‘Restaurant yoga’ was a new one for all of us! It’s also been a really nice opportunity for the team to get to know each other better while practising alongside someone aligned with our eco-friendly values. I’d recommend Living Green Office Yoga to anyone looking to improve their companies wellbeing, social culture and quality of work life. Thanks Lucy!

Théa Carter, Brand Development Associate

How going green can benefit you


Green companies attract employees

A 2016 survey by Morgan Lovell found that 72% of UK workers value working in a sustainable office and a study by Canadian Universities in 2013 showed that job seekers are drawn to businesses who practice sustainability, as it creates employee pride.


Going green increases productivity

A 2012 study of 5,220 French businesses by UCLA found that companies who voluntarily adopt international green practices and standards have employees who are 16% more productive than the average.

How my office yoga classes can help your business

Based on my knowledge from extensive research of academic studies, industry data, case studies and my yoga teacher training, I include techniques in my office yoga classes to help improve mental and physical health problems which impact employers.


Reduce sickness absence

The UK Government have recorded an annual £5.2 billion lost to businesses due to work related stress, anxiety and depression

A study by 3 universities in the USA including the Department of Psychology, University of Miami measured a 28% reduction in stress levels at one of America’s largest companies, in employees attending office yoga classes


Boost business productivity

The Integrated Benefits Institute report that 30.6 million working days are lost annually in the UK, due to musculoskeletal problems such as neck, back and wrist pain

Figures published by Harvard Medical School state that since following a regular yoga practice, study participants had a 42% reduction in back pain 


Improve employee retention

The mental health charity Mind state that 14% of UK employees said that they had resigned and 42% had considered resigning when asked how workplace stress had affected them

Mind also found that 60% of employees say they’d feel more motivated if their employer took action on supporting mental wellbeing

Find out more about how yoga can benefit your business

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“We love Lucy’s office yoga classes as she tailors them just for us. They give us an hour each week to fully switch off –  we all feel so clear-headed and with really good focus and energy afterwards. Some of us in the office struggle with back problems and the classes have been great for this too. The stretches for that feel amazing.

The classes are very enjoyable and we consider them an important part of what we do for employee wellbeing. Our staff feel that they’ve helped them stay relaxed, feel less physical tension and that they’re a nice opportunity to move their bodies around after mostly being stuck behind a desk.

At Big Life we’re also mindful about reducing waste for the sake of the environment so we really like Lucy’s positive environmental outlook and charity donations.

Lucy is organised and communicates really well, so everything is easy to arrange. The classes are an employee benefit, which helps the business too and we’re very happy to offer them.”

Kat Kennedy, General Manager

Interested in green office yoga? Book your free, no-strings consultation

I’ve found it’s essential to start with a conversation so we can see whether we’re a good match and if so, I will tailor your classes based on your needs.

With my service you get much more than just yoga classes


I make reducing environmental impact my top priority, and specifically teach yoga for eco-conscious and vegan businesses. From being powered by renewable sources to making my own eco-friendly mat cleaner, find out how I work green.


A free consultation to discuss what you’d like to get from your office yoga classes and make sure that what I offer is suitable for you. If we go ahead, I use this chat to plan your bespoke classes based on what is most important to you.


5% of all Living Green Office Yoga profits are donated to environmental and animal charities chosen by you. This is just a small way of giving back to the planet and animals, to help try to make things better for the future.


If you have a quiet outdoor space nearby, I encourage classes outside whenever the weather allows! It’s known that getting outside is great for mental health and a study published by Research Gate has shown that there is a positive relationship between exposure to nature and job satisfaction.


My aim is to make the organising of office yoga classes as simple and easy as possible! Everything is taken care of for you, for example finding the best class time to suit your employees, ordering yoga mats and props and organising mat cleaning all done in an environmentally friendly way.

About me

Throughout my early twenties I experienced anxiety and burnout from office working, firstly in the music industry and secondly within the fashion world. Around this time I found yoga and I can honestly say that it has transformed my life, giving me tools to help deal with stress and anxiety as well as stopping the back pain I’d had since a teenager.

In October 2017 I left my office job to travel SE Asia, ending in Bali where I completed my Yoga Alliance accredited hatha yoga teacher training.

I love to explore nature, am vegan and always looking at ways that I can live and work with low impact to the planet. I also teach yoga classes and events in London as Living Green Yoga, you can learn more about these classes on my (other) website, here.

I find so much joy in sharing yoga and its endless benefits. I hope that in doing so I can help people find some relief from the stresses and demands of modern day working and living, and the challenges these create for businesses.

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