9 simple, cost-saving ways to make your business more green

9 simple, cost-saving ways to make your business more green

31st July 2018

There is no reason why making your business more environmentally friendly has to be expensive or laborious, in fact there are so many simple changes you can make, which may even save you money. Here are just a few ideas…….

1 – Practice green procurement
Most businesses need supplies of some kind, so practicing green procurement can make such a huge difference to the environment. From building materials to packaging to fabrics, there are almost always going to be options which are better for the environment than others.

I try to consume very little as a business but with a need for some printed supplies recently, I came across Hatch who have wonderful environmentally friendly initiatives and are the first UK print company to be accredited by The Vegan Society – pretty cool!

Take a look at your current supplier base and see if you can make more environmentally conscious choices in the future.

2 – Switch your energy provider
A common misconception is that green energy is more expensive than standard which thankfully isn’t the case! Bulb, the UK’s highest rated green energy provider on Trustpilot is around 20% cheaper than the standard Big Six plans – a huge saving for businesses as well as households.

3 – Recycle old computers and electronics
Most of us don’t know what to do with old computers and electrical items so they end up in landfills. In 2014 step (stop the e-waste problem) recorded that 41.8 million tonnes of electronic waste was produced worldwide. E-waste is particularly bad for the environment as it includes harmful substances, some which add to the depleting ozone problem.

However, companies such as Dell and HP will take your old computer and recycle it’s components at the end of its life. Also, the UK government provides WEEE, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling – check with your local authority to see what’s available in your area.

4 – Watch the paper!
Something that all businesses can easily do is switch to using recycled paper and paper stationery supplies, such and envelopes and packaging. There are also several companies who will collect used paper from offices, like Paper Round, to ensure that it’s all recycled effectively.

It’s also a good idea to encourage your staff to only print when necessary. Something I used to be guilty of was printing documents, make one small amendment and then printing it again, wasting pages and pages of beautiful paper 🙁

5 – Natural cleaning products
There are many natural, biodegradable and vegan cleaning products out there, making it easy to avoid environmentally damaging products such as bleach being used in the office. One of my favourite companies is Ecover who’s plant-based cleaners can be refilled from certain locations, or bought in bulk containers.

If you’re unsure whether a certain cleaning product is tested on animals, look out for Cruelty Free International leaping bunny stamp.

6 – Environmentally friendly toiletries
Swapping standard hand wash and toilet paper for environmentally friendly versions is another incredibly simple change. Take a look at Who Gives A Crap for all of your toilet paper needs – their loo rolls are made from 100% recycled paper, are plastic free and 50% of profits are used to provide toilets for those who need them.

7 – Encourage your employees to carry reusable water bottles and coffee cups
Getting your employees on board with eco changes will also ripple into their everyday lives, which is great for everyone. As reported by The Guardian in 2017, we consume 38.5m plastic bottles every day in the UK with only half of these being recycled and carrying a reusable water bottle is an easy fix that anyone can do.

Also, encouraging your teams to pick up their morning coffee in a reusable travel cup such as Keepcup will help reduce the number of non recyclable coffee cups going into landfill. Coffee shops like Pret are now offering discounts to those who bring their own cup so why would you not? 🙂

8 – Refillable pens
Note taking can be made more environmentally friendly too by providing your employees with refillable pens, reducing your businesses plastic consumption. Pilots B2P retractable pens are made from 89% recycled plastic bottles and are also refillable.

9 – Compost food waste
Food scraps that get thrown away with the rest of our rubbish rot in the landfills, creating methane – a greenhouse gas 23 times as potent as carbon dioxide. Methane traps heat within our atmosphere, adding to the global warming issue.

Check with your local government about food waste collections in your area and get your staff to put food scraps to a designated bin to be composted or disposed of effectively.

To find out how I’m working green please visit my page here. What does your business does to reduce its impact on the environment? I’m really interested to hear so please comment below and share your ideas.

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