Get more work done – my ‘go to’ techniques

Get more work done – my ‘go to’ techniques

29th August 2018

There is so much calling for our attention each moment that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’ve got a long list of work that needs to be completed. I know it does for me. There have been days where I don’t know where to start or I’m multitasking, not really getting a whole lot of anything done!

So today I’m sharing my top tips for productivity, which have helped me to be focused and get more work done each day.

Get up early in the morning

I never would have imagined that I’d be getting up at 5:30am everyday, however starting the day early means that you can get a whole lot of work or tasks complete before most people have even gotten out of bed.

People like Apple CEO Tim Cook, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson are fans of early starts, as there are fewer distractions (text messages, social media notifications etc) and because we are generally more focused and efficient earlier on in the day.

Plus having several things ticked off your ‘to do list’ before 8am feels really great and can set you up for a positive day.

BREATHE more deeply

It really is amazing how simply taking a few moments to be conscious of your breathing, whilst taking full breaths can change how you feel within seconds. There’s a lot to say about breathing, and how it affects our physical and mental health so I’ll keep it brief and to the point here.

Sit nice and tall with your shoulders relaxed, closing your eyes if you can. Take 15 long, even inhales and exhales, drawing each breath down into the abdomen. Create a short pause between each inbreath and each outbreath (and vice versa).

When you’re finished with your 15 breaths notice how you feel. A little calmer? Maybe more centred and grounded? This is a great little tool to help you wherever you are, whenever you need to slow down and be really focused on the task at hand.

Work intensely for short periods of time, with breaks in between

I know this can feel a bit counter intuitive – when you’ve got a long list of things to be done you just want to plow through it. However the brain is like a muscle and it needs to rested to be efficient! For me, I work for 50 minute periods, with a 15 minute break in between.

The key to this technique is to work intensely during the working period, being completely focused on the task at hand (and not casually checking your phone every 5 minutes!). Then on your break get away from your desk (or from whatever you’re doing) and take a proper rest, go for a little walk, stretch, refill your water, listen to some music etc.

When trying this out be sure to use a timer to make sure that you don’t get carried away and work ‘over time’.

Have a yoga practice

Yoga isn’t just about getting more flexible or building a strong core, it’s also a wonderful way to develop focus and concentration which can be helpful in our working and personal lives. Imagine balancing on your left leg whilst bringing your body forward and your right leg back, and at the same time, being present with each breath – you can see how that would take some concentration…..

Yoga is also wonderful for calming and slowing down the mind, allowing you to not get distracted by rushing thoughts and be more efficient in the task at hand. It’s for these reasons (and may others) that practicing yoga in the office is becoming increasingly popular with businesses, helping increase focus and productivity in the office.

If you give any of the above a go, please get in touch and let me know how you get on – I’d be really interested to hear. If you have any other techniques which you use to improve your focus please comment below, I’d love to know what works for you.

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