Video: Chair-based yoga class full preview

Video: Chair-based yoga class full preview

25th April 2019

If you love the idea of green office yoga classes but just don’t think you have the space at your workplace, take a look at this video. Here I show you how chair-based yoga can be just as fun and effective as mat-based classes (you’ll also find the quick version of this video on my homepage, if you’re short on time).

What attendees thought of this class…..

“Lucy is a wonderful yoga teacher, calming but also motivating. The chair class was the perfect start to the day, releasing aches and pains from the previous day and making me feel balanced and focused ver aquí.”

Natasha Knights, Occasionwear Designer

“Lucy has such a positive energy that radiates from her and I really enjoyed experiencing her office chair yoga, it helped my body to loosen up from sitting at my desk all day.

The class was transformative and super motivational for my day ahead!”

Lucy Spinoza, Finance Administrator

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