Videos: Office Yoga Workshop series

Videos: Office Yoga Workshop series

14th January 2020

Daily desk work often takes its toll on our bodies, so I’ve created the Office Yoga Workshop Series packed with poses and stretches to incorporate into your daily routine, keeping your body happy and healthy.

In each video we’re looking at a different part of the body where lots of office workers experience discomfort at some point in their lives. For some people this is their neck and shoulders from hours spent slouching at their desk, and for others it’s strain in their hands and wrists from typing and tapping away on their phone.

Give a workshop or two a try and see how yoga can help to prevent and help office pains and strains.

Happy Hands and Wrists

In this workshop we’re looking at our hands and wrists, how they can get strained from hours of tapping away on our keyboards and phones, and how with just a bit of care and attention we can keep them nice and happy!

Neck and Shoulder Tension Release

Tension and pain in the shoulders and neck is unfortunately very common in office workers for a couple of reasons. One being because of how we often sit at a desk with the shoulders rounded and the head forward (sound familiar?), and the other because this is where lots of us hold tension when we’re feeling stressed.

In this video we’re looking at a combination of gentle and deep stretches to help ease your neck and relax your shoulders so that you can feel much more comfortable as you go about your day.

Healthy and Strong Back

Lower back pain used to be my nemesis. And I know that for so many of us regular office work and not-so-great desk posture is causing a lack of mobility and strength in our backs. This can lead to anything from little niggles to more debilitating stiffness and pain.

No one wants that of course, so in this video we’re looking at ways that we can bring some really nice feeling movement into your spine whilst also strengthening across the back of your body. 

Hardy Hips

Spending a big portion of our days sitting down can mean that our hips become quite tight or weak, which in turn can also lead to lower back pain. So to combat all of this we’re looking at ways that we can gently stretch the hips whilst bringing more strength into the area too. 

Ankle and Foot Relief

If you’re someone who comes home from work and feels the sweet relief of taking your shoes off as soon as you get through the door, this video is for you! I’ve combined self-massage and stretches to help make your feet and ankles feel tip-top again. 

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