Videos: Office Yoga Workshop series

Videos: Office Yoga Workshop series

14th January 2020

Daily desk work often takes its toll on our bodies, so I’ve created the Office Yoga Workshop Series packed with poses and stretches to incorporate into your daily routine, keeping your body happy and healthy.

In each video we’re looking at a different part of the body where lots of office workers experience discomfort at some point in their lives. For some people this is their neck and shoulders from hours spent slouching at their desk, and for others it’s strain in their hands and wrists from typing and tapping away on their phone.

Give a workshop or two a try and see how yoga can help to prevent and help office pains and strains.

New workshops will be added to this page over January and February 2020

Happy Hands and Wrists

In this workshop we’re looking at our hands and wrists, how they can get strained from hours of tapping away on our keyboards and phones, and how with just a bit of care and attention we can keep them nice and happy!

Deep Yoga Tension Release for Your Body

The combination of stress and spending lots of hours sat at a desk each day can often leave you feeling all tight and tensed up in your body. So in this 42 minute class we’ve got some really nice deep stretches that we’ll be holding for at least a minute each, helping you to release this tension and relax everything.

Yoga to Calm Your Mind After a Long Day

This 35 minute class is perfect for after a long day at the office, using gentle floor based yoga poses to stretch your body whilst giving your mind a bit of much needed time out. 

Extended Savasana (Complete Relaxation Through Stillness) 

Sometimes when things are really busy and you’re being pulled around in every direction, you feel like you just need a bit of stillness in your day. This is why I’ve created this 17 minute savasana, to give you the opportunity to be still, deeply relaxing your body and mind.

If you’ve not heard of savasana before, it’s a yoga pose that usually comes at the end of a class where everyone lies down to rest (it translates as corpse pose!). This part of the class is often also called the “final relaxation”.

Class 5: A practice for energy and productivity

In our last class of this mini series we’re practicing Skull Shining Breath which is a really energising practice, great for starting the day feeling awake and productive, or to use when you need a bit of a pick-me-up.

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