Videos: Yoga Poses for Office Workers series

Videos: Yoga Poses for Office Workers series

19th February 2020

This video series breaks down individual yoga poses to help with parts of the body that office workers commonly experience issues like tension, stiffness and pain. Each video is 5 minutes or less and is created to set you up with all the information you need, making this series perfect for yoga beginners.

You can practice the poses individually or use these classes to create your own sequence so that you get exactly what you need to feel good at work and all other areas of your life.

Be sure to bookmark this page as new videos are going to be added regularly.

Strengthen your Back with Bridge Pose

Here we’re looking at how to practice Bridge Pose, an excellent pose to help build strength in your back, glutes and hamstrings – areas that tend to weaken when we spend long parts of our day working from a desk.

Shoulder Tension Release with Eagle Arms

Eagle Arms, a simple stretch that you really can do anywhere to release tension in your shoulders and one of my absolute favourites.

Relieve Back Stiffness with Cat and Cow Pose

Us desk workers don’t tend to move our backs a whole lot throughout the day and this is why Cat and Cow Pose is such an essential one to have in your yoga tool belt.

Gentle Hip Stretch with Wide Legged Child’s Pose

Wide Legged Child’s Pose is a popular pose for good reason. Not only is it great for gently stretching the hips but it’s delightfully calming for the nervous system too. 

Hip Stretch for a Happy Lower Back with Low Lunge

Low lunge is a great stretch to have in your repertoire to help avoid your hip flexors becoming weak and shortened from long periods of sitting, which in turn keeps your lower back happy.

Calming Stretch with Standing Forward Fold

Next time you’re feeling overwhelmed give Standing Forward Fold a go. It’s great for helping to soothe your nervous system and will give the whole of the back of your body a nice stretch too. 

Improve your Posture with Mountain Pose

It may not look like much is going on in Mountain Pose but it actually requires a lot of muscle activation and can very challenging. It’s also the basis of all standing yoga poses and it great for training better posture. 

Desk Hunch Remedy with Cobra Pose 

Cobra pose is a great one for opening up through your chest and shoulders after a day at your desk, plus it’s a good back body strengthener. Make sure you practice with those floating arms! 

Double Whammy Shoulder and Hip Stretch with Cow Face Pose

I’m not going to lie, Cow Face is one of those really intense yoga poses! But a rewarding one, stretching your hips and getting some nice external rotation in there, as well as opening up through your shoulders and chest. 

Improve Concentration with Tree Pose

You know that I’m a big fan of trees! Well in this video I’m going to show you the ins and outs of Tree Pose, wonderful for working on your concentration and balance.

Decompress with Fish Pose

Lots of what we do day to day can give us a bit of a hunched posture; desk working, looking at our phones, cooking, reading garden, cleaning, driving… Fish Pose is a good one to practice regularly, helping to open up through your chest, neck and shoulders. Enjoy! 


Stretch and Strengthen with Warrior 1 Pose

There’s a lot going on in this pose; it’s a strong one, stretching and strengthening from the toes up.  If you only have time for a very short practice, this is definitely one to get in there! 


Active Body Stretch with Triangle Pose

Triangle Pose is one of those “all-rounders” and a great one for getting a good active stretch – it’s probably easier to list the areas that it doesn’t help to stretch then those it does! 


Healthy Back with Spinal Twist Pose

A healthy back is one that gets put through lots of different movements regularly. This video teaches you one way to move your back with Spinal Twist Pose, keeping it strong and mobile. 


Lower Body Stretch and Strengthen with Extended Side Angle Pose

You can’t beat a good stretch down the sides of your body! Extended Side Angle Pose is great for just that, whilst stretching and strengthening your lower body too.


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