Help your employees and the planet to flourish

This is more than weekly yoga classes. This is a yoga programme for desk workers at sustainable organisations

Cultivate helps desk workers at sustainable organisations flourish by overcoming the biggest physical and mental challenges we all face when doing desk-based work.

We’ll work on transforming the body and mind as a whole, each month primarily focusing on one theme as part of a wider journey to becoming happier, more comfortable and productive.

Each month includes


Weekly collective live class


8 new on-demand videos


A fun (and optional!) challenge


Unlimited support by email 

Sustainability is at the heart of everything I do

For example, I plant a tree for every live 3 classes each of your employees attend, and I also give 5% of my profits to green causes.

“We feel that Lucy’s classes really add something to our membership offering and love her giving back initiatives, which fit perfectly with our values.”


Laura Callan, Owner

I’d recommend Living Green Office Yoga to anyone looking to improve their companies wellbeing, social culture and quality of work life. Thanks Lucy!”


Théa Carter, Brand Development Associate

Take a look at a theme example

Upcoming themes

July: Free Your Hips

August: Nature Nurtures

September: Shoulder Reset

Want to help your employees to flourish?

If you want to know more about how it all works, keep on reading...

On-demand classes

8 exclusive videos every month
Added to an ever-growing library so your employees can enjoy classes whenever they need them.

Inclusive for all levels
From the foundations of yoga and practical stretches for desk workers to more advanced classes.

Class lengths for everyone
Plenty of quick and effective classes for the busiest of people as well as 45 mins + ones for when you’d like a longer practice.

“Lucy’s classes are tailored to the office worker, helping you focus on areas that you probably didn’t even realise were in pain. The movements are intuitive, gentle, and very effective! Actually the best yoga class I have ever taken, so thank you!”

Lillian Wing, Business Development Associate

Weekly collective live classes

These classes are open to employees from a mixture of organisations. Each live class recording is available to access for a week for those who can’t make it. 

Full Body Tune Up and Relaxation 
Tuesdays 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Each week we explore different movements and poses, touching on the month’s theme. This class also includes neck, shoulder, back, wrist and hip love to help keep your body happy at your desk. We finish with a guided relaxation to release tension at the end of the day.

Why online?

I’ve found that office yoga classes are often not conveniently timed for many employees: some don’t like getting up earlier than they have to; lunchtime is too much of a rush; and although evenings are preferred, it’s often inconvenient to stay late after work or travel to a venue.

This is why I created Cultivate, to help desk workers with a programme they can do from home which is flexible around their schedule.

Full online service coming summer 2020!

By getting involved now, you and your employees are helping me to test features and find out exactly what you need, so thank you!

Help your employees to flourish

Give your home workers yoga

If you want to support your employees health and happiness during this difficult time, get in touch
and I’ll get you set up right away, fuss-free