Classes specially created for office workers

My teaching is based on the style of Hatha Yoga, but I also include special exercises to target the needs of office workers.

To significantly enhance the benefits of yoga, I incorporate breathing techniques into each class. 

This results in mental and physical benefits
Reducing tension and pain in the neck, back and wrists. Plus a feeling of being calm, yet energised.

Suitable for all levels
I guide individuals within classes at an appropriate level based on their experience and abilities.

How my classes can help your employees and your business


Relieving stress and calming the mind through a combination of relaxing movement and postures, meditation and breathing techniques

Reduce sickness absence
Boost productivity
Improve employee retention


Stretching, strengthening and improving flexibility through the entire spine, wrists and forearms – areas that office workers often suffer pain and stiffness in

Reduce sickness absence
Boost productivity


Showing that you care about your employees’ mental and physical health, improving job satisfaction whilst building team relationships and morale

Boost productivity
Improve employee retention


Developing concentration and focus through breathing and mindfulness techniques as well as balancing postures

Boost productivity


Getting the heart-rate up and improving fitness levels great for employees who spend most of their day at their desk and have difficulty finding time for exercise

Reduce sickness absence
Boost productivity


Being true to your green business values makes you more attractive to future employees and builds employee loyalty and pride

Attract the best people
Improve employee retention

Weekly classes held in your workplace
If you’re limited on space, chair-based classes are just as effective.

At a time that suits you
Anytime between 7am and 7pm.

Up to 25 participants per class
To make sure I can give everyone the attention needed. One class per week is standard, but multiple classes can be arranged. 

Class organisation is simple and fuss-free
Through your business’s Green Yoga Dashboard, participants can watch your Giving Forest grow and book their places in upcoming classes. See how yours might look. 

Unlimited Questions by Email
With the premium Total Green Package, anyone who attends classes may use your dashboard to ask as many questions as they want on yoga, breathing techniques and meditation.

They will have access to expert guidance to help them build a personal practice at home, and really boost how good they feel compared to simply taking a weekly class.

Your frequently asked questions

Chair-based yoga class quick preview

Pricing packages to suit your business

“Lucy is an amazing yoga teacher, she’s gentle, kind and very organised. Lucy spent some time in advance of the classes to understand expectations and what she should focus on, and tailored each class to a specific need.

We thoroughly enjoy the classes and are looking forward to the class every week. It is an amazing break in our busy days and also a great way to create more cohesion within the team.

I would highly recommend her classes and truly believe it helps with productivity and team culture.”

Emilie Vanpoperinghe, Co-Founder

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