“We love Lucy’s office yoga classes as she tailors them just for us. They give us an hour each week to fully switch off –  we all feel so clear-headed and with really good focus and energy afterwards. Some of us in the office struggle with back problems and the classes have been great for this too. The stretches for that feel amazing.

The classes are very enjoyable and we consider them an important part of what we do for employee wellbeing. Our staff feel that they’ve helped them stay relaxed, feel less physical tension and that they’re a nice opportunity to move their bodies around after mostly being stuck behind a desk.

At Big Life we’re also mindful about reducing waste for the sake of the environment so we really like Lucy’s positive environmental outlook and charity donations.

Lucy is organised and communicates really well, so everything is easy to arrange. The classes are an employee benefit, which helps the business too and we’re very happy to offer them.”

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