“Lucy is an amazing yoga teacher, she’s gentle, kind and very organised. These were the first yoga classes for some of us, whilst others have been practising yoga for a while, so we were unsure of how it would work with such a diverse group. Lucy spent some time in advance of the classes to understand expectations and what she should focus on, and tailored each class to a specific need. She also brought mats as well as blocks and yoga straps and so it felt extremely professional.

Her classes are a mix of light cardio, stretches, asanas, breathing and relaxation techniques and she gives us options for each exercise to cater for the different levels in the team. We thoroughly enjoy the classes and are looking forward to the class every week. It is an amazing break in our busy days and also a great way to create more cohesion within the team, and we have some great laughs as well.

I would highly recommend her classes and truly believe it helps with productivity and team culture.”

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