I’ve got an injury or a condition which affects my yoga practice, what should I do?


Firstly, if you haven’t already please go and see your doctor or healthcare practitioner to get full guidance on your injury or condition, be referred for specialist treatment and find out whether they think it’s suitable for you to practice yoga.

If they’re happy for you to practice then make sure you inform your yoga teacher before the class about your injury or condition. This means that they’ll be aware and can offer modifications that may be useful to you and help avoid further injury or bringing about symptoms.

If you’re attending one of my classes I’m always happy for you to email me before to inform me of your injury or condition, as I know it can be uncomfortable discussing this in front of a class.

Yoga teachers are here to guide and help you however they can, however it’s each individual’s responsibility to practice yoga with lots of their awareness in their bodies, to avoid causing (further) injury. I always say to stay present, go slowly and if anything feels painful, stop immediately.

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