Wiggle and Meditation Breaks

Wiggle and Meditation Breaks

Wiggle and Meditation Breaks

Meditation has been shown to have a whole host of benefits, ranging from reduced stress and better sleep to more creativity and improved memory capacity, making it great for office workers.

But sitting still can also be really hard, especially if you spend hours each day working from a desk. This is why I start each class with a few minutes of nice seated or standing wiggly movement to help ease out any niggles and tension beforehand.

How my classes help your employees

Created just for you

I specially create meditations for your employees’ needs, introducing new elements to keep them progressing as we go along.

Wiggle it out

Firstly moving their bodies and releasing tension helps your employees to sit more comfortably, helping them to get the most from their meditation practice.

Feel good by doing good

As with my yoga classes, I plant 5 trees for every class we have together and I also donate 5% of profits to green causes. You can read more on my Giving Green page. 

How classes work

Weekly classes held in your workplace
Classes can also be held online for home workers

At a time that suits you
These classes last 20 minutes and can be held anytime between 7am and 7pm.

Unlimited participants per class
One class per week is standard, but multiple classes can be arranged.

Class organisation is simple and fuss-free
Through your business’s Green Yoga Dashboard, participants can watch your Giving Forest grow and book their places in upcoming classes. See how yours might look.

Interested in green office meditation? Book your free, no-strings consultation